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Dec 2, 2010
Free to try Sci Fi stories, essays and comics.

The theme is "One-Way Trips To Mars".

Try for free, if you like it drop a buck for the endings of the stories. If you don't like it, no hard feelings.

Galactic Beacon: Vol 1

Originally I planned to run this as a digital magazine, but I haven't gotten enough traction with it to go that route.

If there is enough interest I'll make another volume, or possible a free/ad-supported version.

I'm currently working on my first game for WP7 which I hope to have ready within a month or so.

If you do checkout my current app, I'd recommend the story "Sarah" as my favorite. I tried to make it as realistic as I possibly could. No whizbang lasers or battles, but a woman in a tough spot a loooong way from help. She does have a robotic mule.

The other story I think you might like would be "The Duel" which is my fantasy offering.

I have gotten the best response from my humorous essays. Those are included in their entirety (as are the comics) in the trial version.

Hope you enjoy the stories, essays and comics, and stay tuned for the game!

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