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Mar 20, 2011
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Thanks to all our awesome fans we have a perfect 5 star rating! Kinsoft is proud to announce our latest, and biggest update yet!

Version 1.3
  • Mango instant-resume
  • Added over 1500 additional phrases
  • Updated/changed some visuals/sounds

This update will only apply to Mango devices, but feel free to download the existing version and get the added functionality when your phone is updated.

Catch Phrase Party

This is that fast talking, fast passing game you all have probably played before. If you haven't, it is a party game where one person has a phrase in front of them, and they have to get their team members to guess the phrase, without spelling it out, using a word from the phrase, etc. If the buzzer sounds when your team has the phone, then the opposing team is awarded a point.

Very fun game when you have a few friends all sitting around with nothing better to do.


I will add an updated video and screen captures later.

If you have an idea for a new feature/changes, feel free to leave that feedback here. We are already working on new content for our next update, but we would love to hear how we can continue to make Catch Phrase Party a 5 star experience for you.

(Mods - I opted not to update my previous thread due to the title needing to be updated to reflect Mango functionality.)

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