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[GAME] Write a short bio of the poster above you! (Prize for best bio)


New member
Nov 19, 2012
Ok, thought this would be a fun game.

Objective: Write a short bio of the poster above you. It should be completely fictional.

  • Bio should be 250 words or less
  • Do not be offensive (well, not overly so. If poster complains your post will be eliminated from the prize)
  • Be imaginative!!

End Date:

This will be determined by the level of activity on this thread or October 1, whichever best suits.
The contest can be extended and additional prizes will be given if the thread stays active.

[NOTE]Readers Vote!!
The responses that get the most likes will be added to the Winner Candidate pool.

The winner will be selected by me and announced on this thread.
Once the winner is selected and announced, I will send them a PM for choice of prize.


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
Talderon was named after Alderon's sister planet. Fun-loving and fancy-free, this crazy nut likes to make up new games for people's amusement. He likes to add prizes to assure that people will participate, because the participation validates his self-worth.

He once recited War and Peace entirely from memory at a family gathering. Everyone congratulated him for curing Uncle Bob's insomnia.


New member
Jul 23, 2014
Rhapdog grew up in the bustling city of Karlsruhe, North Dakota as a young boy named Rhapcat. Following an unfortunate incident involving the neighbor's cat, a nest of baby chicks, and a laser pointer, Rhapcat thought it would be prudent to change his moniker to Rhapdog.

Rhapdog busies himself during the day at his job as a plastic-food artist. His favorite thing to create is plastic fruit, particularly grapes, which are most popular in furniture stores for their coffee table displays. He is excited about his latest project, an exquisitely crafted plastic Big Mac.

However, at night, Rhapdog has begun a new quest. After working with plastic food all day, he now has a hydroponic garden, where he grows bean sprouts, and has, in fact, become the top bean sprout supplier in North America, with confirmed plans to expand into Iceland by spring of 2016.