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Mar 27, 2012
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Hi All,

Do you want to get some nice paid apps for free?

It is your chance now to get "GoMovies Pro" for free. Also, you can get other apps such as TV Series, Flash Sports, ISeeYou and more apps for free too.

It is simple, once you install any of our apps you will immediately win free points, you can then use the points to get the full version of the installed app or the full version of other apps too. (You can install the free or the try versions, no purchases required!)


If you are interested, here are the detailed steps:
1- Download any of the following apps (download the FREE or the TRY version, no purchases required)
Flash Sports
TV Series
2- Once you install any of the above apps you will win 30 points. With these 30 points you can get GoMovies Pro for free.
3- To get the free prize, open the installed app and tap "tools/free prizes"
4- Tap "rewards", and select "Full free version of GoMovies Pro"
5- Tap "Get my prize" to get a promo code. Copy the promo code into your clipboard.
6- Download GoMovies Pro (the TRY version, no purchases required)
7- Open GoMovies Pro and tap "tools/free prizes"
8- Navigate to "more" page and tap "Promo Code"
9- Paste the promo code from the clipboard and submit it.
10- Confirm the free purchase and the app will be converted to the full version.

You can also finish some simple and free challenges to win more points. You can use your points to redeem free prizes such as Flash Sport, TV Series, ISeeYou and more...

If you are not interested in the apps, you can still get the promo codes and send them to your friends as a free gifts!

Enjoy free apps

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