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Google Voice issues forward to Skype-In number


New member
Oct 21, 2015
Any Skype-IN users forwarding your Google Voice number to Skype-IN, I'm seeking your help. It seems like since last week, a small group of users that use GV to forward to SKype-in are having issues with the verification process to setup Google VOice forwarding, and 1 user who has his 2-step authentication enabled on Google can't get the phone call, which calls his Skype-In number. At least 4 of us have contacted SKype support and it seems like they've acknowledged the problem, but I'm hoping we can get a larger community base involved to find out why they're taking so long to resolve the problem. More details are on the google voice forum, which I can't link because of forum rules for newbies...
On the google voice help forums, search "Can't get Skype In Number to ring to verify forwarding Google Voice number"

Thanks for responses and help with this.

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