Green tint on night time pictures?


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Oct 30, 2012
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Hi all,

I was taking some low light pictures over the last few days and it seems that some of them are still plagued with the green tint issue that some users have been talking about for many months. I have attached two samples to show what I am talking about. I am a Lumia 1520 user with Cyan update. The sample shots were night time pictures on tripod with low ISO and long exposure time.

On the horizontal shot, please check the area slightly above the middle, you should notice a green line going across the picture and then everything below that has a greenish tint to it. For the other picture, you should see two vertical lines at the top of the picture near the middle a bit above the statue. I used both ProShot and Nokia Camera and they both showed the same issue so I don't think it is a software issue but rather more of a hardware problem. Not all low light pictures I took has the issues though which makes it more bizarre. I doubt it is the camera module on my phone because my daylight pictures are fine and many of my low light pictures are good (or at least not noticeable).

Have anyone experienced similar issue or have a solution on how to hide/reduce the extent of the tint? Thanks in advance for reading!

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