[Guide] Convert 950 DS RM-1118_13058 (059X5G2) into an AT&T Lumia 950


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Mar 1, 2015
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I wanted to share my experience on how I converted a 950 Dual sim RM-1118_13058 (059X5G2) into an ATT Lumia 950 (RM-1105_12716).

I could not find a thread to walk through being able to get my Dual Sim 950 to officially work on AT&T with VoLTE and other services (Enhanced LTE/HD Voice etc...). I searched many forums and threads to find a way to do this. I got tired of the lack of call quality and other quirks for my Lumia while on ATT. After accumulating several different pieces of information from multiple sources and places on the xda forums I was able to make it work. This is my first official post with the intention of it being a guide, offer tips if you want. Or if you see errors offer advice or suggestions if needed.

This guide is here in the event someone else needs the information as a guide or wants to use it to test. I personally found it beneficial since the at&t lumia 950s were not widely on sale used that I could get one cheaply. The dual sim model I was always able to pick up at a decent price almost any place.

Take into account that messing with hidden partitions on a mobile device is risky and so if you brick your device using this thread, I'm sorry but I cannot help you fix that. I can however offer advice though as I have had to recover my Lumia 950 Dual sim with an emergency file from a bricked state. Yet if you choose to use these directions, use them at your own risk. Thanks.

If some of the tools listed here below are unfamiliar let me know and I can help you discover them or know more.

-thor2 is the executable used by WDRT
-iutool is part of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) and that kit would need to be available installed on your pc.

Updated --Things to consider--:

-You will lose dual sim ability.

-I believe an AT&T 950 IMEI is needed in order to get full enhanced LTE services through AT&T to work correctly, but I am not positive. That IMEI should be registered to the sim card/phone number on the Lumia 950 you use. I am just not positive on how exactly how AT&T provisions that.

Here is how I got this to work.

Steps I used to convert NAM 950 DS RM-1118_13058 (059X5G2) to an AT&T Lumia 950 (RM-1105_12716 059X4D9)

-1- First I flashed this specific original rom for my Dual Sim 950. I used the ffu located here.

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile "RM1118_1078.0027.10586.13058.15358.030FF5_ret ail_ prod_signed.ffu"

-2- Second I manually pushed three cabs to my phone to alter the platform ID to Microsoft.MSM8992.P6218_ATT.1.0. All three were alone in the directory. Listed them below:
mmo.device_talkman_lte_americas.phone.plat_d20cefe ddb10fb6737b56fa966533783b1288e44.cab
mmo.base.variant.plat_55ce525fdf57ab0d614ada3517c3 4c84029f5437.cab
mmo.base.phone.plat_96ea6a2d24151eaf6299c342f81f49 997ca44137.cab

-- iutool.exe -v -p "C:\CABs\Your_Location-of-RM-1105_Plat-cabs"

-3- Third I did a full NVI flash and Reset with an AT&T ROM. Link to location of ffu I used here.
FFU File used: RM1105_1078.0053.10586.13169.12716.035044_retail_ prod_signed.ffu

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile "RM1105_1078.0053.10586.13169.12716.035044_ret ail_ prod_signed.ffu" -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset

-4- Fourth I updated the product code. (Note: I never kept my phone on the AT&T ROM long enough to see if this was really needed, but I suspected potentially an OTA update might revert it back to the Dual Sim variant. (This seems to be linked to the product code retrieved during the OTA update and it identifying to Microsoft servers to send the packages for that model)

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile RM1105_1078.0053.10586.13169.12716.035044_ret ail_prod_signed.ffu -productcodeupdate 059X4D9 -skip_flash

After it is finished while in this mode you can run thor2 -mode rnd -readdeviceinfo to check the device details also to verify the changes.

-5- Fifth I registered an imei of the att Lumia 950 I had to my ATT account to have ims registration complete. The imei I had was off an old box I have of a RM-1105 model.

Steps I used to convert back to NAM 950 DS RM-1118_13058 (059X5G2) from an ATT Lumia 950 (RM-1105_12716 059X4D9)

-1- First I flashed this specific ATT ROM. The one I used is located here.

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile "RM1105_1078.0017.10586.13053.12716.02FBB4_retail_ prod_signed.ffu"

-2- Second I manually pushed three cabs to my phone to alter the plat ID back to Microsoft.MSM8992.P6218.1.0. All three were alone in the directory. Listed them below:
mmo.base.phone.plat_8bab003dbd82a4acc5989f812a0dcd 284eccfe43.cab
mmo.base.variant.plat_c7b2c481e64fe6a806f52df8f5f5 5c59fbb6a81e.cab
mmo.device_talkman_lte_row_dsds.phone.plat_d730323 6cd88dda5a304701d5b59b0c2d5260d7c.cab

-- iutool.exe -v -p "C:\CABs\Your_Location-of-RM-1118_Plat-cabs"

-3- Third I did a full NVI flash and Reset with a NAM 950 DS ROM. Link to the ffu Iocation here.
FFU File used: RM1118_1078.0027.10586.13058.15358.030FF5_retail_p rod_signed.ffu

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile "RM1118_1078.0027.10586.13058.15358.030FF5_retail_ prod_signed.ffu" -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset

-4- Fourth I updated the product code back to the NAM Lumia 950 DS variant just in case.

-- thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile RM1118_1078.0027.10586.13058.15358.030FF5_retail_p rod_signed.ffu" -productcodeupdate 059X5G2 -skip_flash

What helped immensely was being able to locate and find the proper cab files. They are added here for convenience. I did not do a lot of testing with this process. I am not really familiar with the PLAT partition and so the three cabs even if they are not all needed served the purpose here and worked. The only big change that is definite is changing the platform ID. Changing that is needed and allows the FFU of the AT&T model to flash without restriction. I found a thread posted in the xda forums that helped a ton so that I could download those cabs. The thanks there definitely would go to the xda developers involved.


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