Guide: Drivers and Solutions to Live Tiles Not Updating issue


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Nov 29, 2012
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Admins, please move to the how-to section, or remove this altogether if this is unnecessary.

It feels like almost once a day we have a someone posting to the forums that their live tiles stopped updating. For anyone migrating over from iOS or Android, this could cause huge doubt moving platforms and possibly drive these users to switch back. I would like to see one thread that discusses possible drivers for why the live tiles stopped updating (to prevent future issues), and solutions that have worked for you in the past. Please reply to this post and if we have good suggestions come up, I'll edit this first post accordingly.

Possible drivers:
  • Doing a soft reset (volume down button + power) causes live tiles to stop updating
  • Too many background apps running

Possible Solutions
  • Clear IE temp files, history, cache
  • Do a regular power cycle of the phone (hold power button down, then swipe down to shut down)
  • unpin, and repin the live tile (hasn't worked for me personally but others have stated it worked for them)
  • disable the app from background task, then re-enable
  • uninstall/reinstall the app

Very last resort: Perform a full reset (wipes all data)

The last time my live tiles stopped updating, it was due to me performing a soft reset due to my camera app freezing. After following the first 2 steps above (clearing IE temp files and performing a regular restart), my live tiles were fixed. YMMV.

Again, I want to make this thread sort of a one-stop shop for users experiencing issues with their live tiles not updating. If you have items to add or if you want to counter any of the items above, please leave a post.

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