Has anyone else found this huge bug in W10?

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Found huge bug in W10

It wrecks the machine, too. (Also, I have a bug in not being able to get into the MS insider thing to make an official report, because it rejects my logon... hilarious.)

Step 1: Non-native wireless device with no inbuilt/baked-in driver.
Step 2: Use your Microsoft account to log in to a machine locally (Stupid idea anyway, but it begs you to do this all the time.)
Step 3: "Refresh" the PC using the settings menu. (Wipes out wireless driver.)
Step 4: You are permanently locked out of the machine because it can't access the cloud, nor install wireless drivers from the lock screen.

"Your device is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this device."

(Which you can do over and over if you like, but even if you change your boot order in bios to install media- and not the hard drive, the install media magically hands off to the hard drive and W10 boots off the HDD. Fail!)

Do I have the wireless drivers on the install media that it refuses to boot from? Why yes I do. 99% of people would be buying a new machine here.


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Re: Found huge bug in W10

That's irrelevant. There's a really simple way to deal with perceived trolling that hardly anyone on forums seems to grasp. When faced with what you think is trolling, you either don't respond to it (i.e "don't feed the trolls"), or reporting it and let someone else deal with it0

Replying to trolling will only cause offense to the person posting (not everyone is clear and precise in posting their issue), or gives a troll more fuel to continue. Replying is not helpful, neither does it make you look good.

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