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Has Microsoft disowned the Harmon Kardon Invoke ?


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Jun 26, 2013
Hi Dan,
I had to reset my HK Invoke when my home network changed, and now when I download the Cortana Device setup app from the store it appears only Surface Headphones can be detected. The app now actually appears after installation as 'Surface Headphones' yet is still listed in the store as 'Cortana Device Setup'. I remember your review of the Invoke being very positive, but it seems MSFT have silently killed off the device. Harmon Kardon themselves are no help due to Cortana being out of their control.

I tried using device setup via the Cortana app on Windows 10, Ios and Android devices, yet that's now also not possible.
Microsoft have not communicated that HK Invoke is now unsupported, but even then - unsupported is not the same as UNUSABLE !!

Have you heard anything from MSFT about the Invoke or Cortana devices ? I posted a similar question in the Microsoft community forums, but no response as yet.

btw....I worked around the issue by side-loading an old version of Cortana on my android device, and have now set up the Invoke.

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