Hate the fan placement on the Surface Pro 4! Really worried!!! :(


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Mar 5, 2017
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Last week i have just got a Surface Pro 4(I5 Core/8GB of RAM/256GB Storage model) which it is awesome so far and got it with the dark blue type cover but the one thing that i don't like about it is the Fan Placement on all the round the device. :/

And when i have the Surface Pro 4 laying flat(on a bed sheets, on a table, etc) especially when using it, The fans are always very very near to the cotton of the bed sheets and on the table which might have dust..

So at the moment when i use the Surface Pro 4 when laying flat i have a big book under my Surface Pro 4 or using the kickstand to prevent dust getting it in as quickly.

I am always worried that my Surface Pro 4 will get dust so much more quickly(and will get very hot(over time) then my previous Acer Windows tablet(I5 Core which had fans as well), So i am really worried that in 6 months/1/ 2 years that i will have to get it checked out and get someone to clean the dust out at the PC World(The place i bought the Surface Pro 4)..... :( :(

I don't really like the fan placement on the Surface Pro 4 and am really really worried..... :/

Surface Pro 4 users over time did you have to go back to the computer store to get someone clean the dust out of your Surface Pro 4?? Should i be worried about the dust going in when laying flat while using?? Am i just paranoid or just being too careful??

Help me please, Thanks!!! :)

Typed this thread with the Surface Pro 4 using the (Great)Type Cover haha!!! :D :D
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