Have you found a solution to this Lumia 2520 "sleeping" problem?'

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I got a new Nokia Lumia 2520 at the end of last year (2014). Had immediately o problems with starting the tab. Went bach to the shop and they send the 2520 to a service in Finland and from there to manufacturers service in Czech.
Came back and did not work as it should.
I got a new device, but the same problem accured.
Strange thing is that my wife has a same kind of 2520 and she hasn't had any of these problems.
My quess is that the problem is releted to the fact that I have "connected" my taab to the same loop with my table PC (with Windows 8.1) and with my Nokia Lumia 920 phone.
It is annoying that the tab does not open as it should. After "boothing" it 30 sec to 60 sec several times, it might start.
Once had a problem when tab went black and only the arrow pointer was visible, but nothing else.

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