Help me verify a bug in 1809


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Dec 20, 2018
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I need you guys to help me verify a bug in 1809, it's about scaling on dual displays. I have verified it on Surface Pro and also Surface GO, I don't know if this issue are limited to Intel Graphics or not that's why I need help to see if it's the same on all Intel Graphics and also on Radeon and Geforce cards.

So you need to have the following to verify the bug:
  • - Windows 10 1809
  • - Dual displays
  • - Set the displays to different scaling one on 100% and one on 200%.

You should do this on the secondary display and not the display that you have as primary.
Then make sure that the TeamViewer window is in "normal size" then maximize the window and then take it back to normal size then maximize it again.
Then you will get some artifacts.

I have made a video that explaines how to do better and also how the issue are looking:

What I have tried to rule out hardware issue:
  • - Change display
  • - Change cables
  • - Change devices

What fixes the issue:
  • - Have both displays on the same scaling, example both displays on 100%
  • - Only have singel display (it's the same as above really.)
  • - Revert back to Windows 10 1803
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