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HELP!!!! My laptop stopped working and stuck at boot loop after upgrading to windows 10 ??? And give


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Sep 23, 2014
I have a dell laptop with 8 GBs ram and 1 GB GPU NVIDIA gt650m and core i7 2nd Gen 2.2 Ghz (I have it for about 3 years) .... After upgrading to windows 10 yesterday via ISO version pro 64 bit ... The laptop is stuck in booting up loads with windows logo and then black screen then appear loading dots circle then black screen again and then repeats the same thing again ... I did diagnostic self scan and it fails at the hard drive test giving error 2000-01-42 (Hard is 640 GB and it was all going so well I have NEVER been through any error concerning it ) ... What should I do now?? THE DATA ON THE HARD IS CRUCIAL AND I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.... SO please give me any solution and how much data can I restore from such error?
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