Help Request - Windows 10 on a MacBook (temporary solution) - need to point it at 2TB HDD


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Dec 30, 2015
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Hi All,

I have just installed Windows 10 Home on my 2012 MacBook Pro via Parallels Virtual Desktop for Mac.

My reason for doing this is that I am slowly migrating back from Apple to Microsoft and have been using a Surface 3 tablet for some time to test my experience with Windows 10, and I have moved from an iPhone to a Lumia 950.

My experience has been very positive and I am falling out of love with Apple and iOS after almost 10 years. The problem is that the Surface 3 can be a bit cumbersome and slow at times and I find myself using my MacBook at times.

I already owned a licence for Windows 10 Home and as decided to install Windows 10 on my MacBook until Microsoft release their plans later this year for the new Surface Hardware etc. My MacBook Pro has i7, 16GB, 1 x 256 SSD and 1 x 2TB HDD. It didn't make sense to me to replace with with a Surface Pro device or Windows 10 Laptop yet until I see what is being released in 2017. Therefore this is a temporary solution to be made the best of until I get a new device later this year.

Both OSX and Window 10 are installed as OS's on the main 256 SSD. the 2TB HDD is my main drive for all files, phones videos etc. The HDD is also where I have OneDrive and Dropbox folders.

The problem that I am trying to work out is how to utilise the 2TB HDD whilst in Windows 10. My OneDrive account is pointed at it in Mac OSX but when I boot up Windows 10 it asks me to selection a location for OneDrive but I can not seem to find the 2TG Drive in Window Explorer.

Is it actually possible to use the 2TB drive in Windows 10, or is it just available when in Mac OSX?


Trevor Davis3

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Mar 2, 2017
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Your 2TB drive uses HFS+ Filesystem which Windows can not read. The only way you will be able to access that drive is using Paragon HFS+ for Windows. You install this program in Windows.
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