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Feb 2, 2008
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How do I automatically and wirelessly (not using the ActiveSync approach with the USB cable) push calendar data between Outlook 2000 on my personal PC and the calendar that comes standard on a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device? (I have a Samsung Blackjack II). I want our home personal calendar (currently Outlook 2000) to push automatically to my family's devices (all of which are Samsung Blackjack II). If this REQUIRES a different calendar option for my PC (other than Outlook 2000), please let me know.

Options already considered which will NOT meet my needs:
1. I already have "push" communications set up via Good for my corporate email and calendar but cannot leverage this for personal use with my family.....I need a separate approach for my personal calendar.
2. I do not want to pursue a Google Calendar type of approach which requires the active steps of web access and logon in order to see calendar events. I want the calendar events to automatically appear in my WM6 calendars (which then appears automatically on my family's smartphone home screens)

I have tried researching this on-line....but frankly the information I find is bewildering........I can't seem to find information on my specific requirement.


Dieter Bohn

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Feb 1, 2001
Hm. This is a tough one - you want to integrate your push corporate calendar with a personal calendar that's pushed directly from your desktop, yes?

My hunch is that this will be impossible. the Good calendar will either overwrite your personal stuff or integrate it in a way that you're not looking for. I think the "google calender go and look" option might be the only one... :(


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Sep 28, 2004
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Have you considered adding each family members' email address (the one they retrieve on their wireless device) as an attendee to the Outlook Calendar item? I have Outlook 2007 and this works well for us at home. I don't recall if the attendee function is available on Outlook 2000.

This pushes the calendar data from the PC to the wireless device via email, and it is only a one-way sync. The item should show up in the user's wireless email account as a calendar item. Note: A calendar item created on the wireless device (even if attendees are added) are not sync'd with the PC until a local USB or BT sync. The PC really becomes the master calendar and all changes must be done there (either by manually doing it in Outlook or by changing it on the wireless device and doing a local sync via USB or BT).

Since you have Good on your device (should also work with a Windows Mobile ActiveSync / Exchange or Blackberry BES device), you should also be able to initiate by adding email addresses on the wireless device's calendar item. Be sure to include an account that the home PC's master calendar gets, and all should be sync'd. Good should work because it will send out calendar requests Over-the-air (OTA). Plain old calendars built into most Windows Mobile devices will not wirelessly send calendar items from the device because they seem to be missing the connectivity to the SMTP client on the device.

I hope the Microsoft addresses this "family" server type service really soon. I've heard Blackberry is coming to the market with real-time calendar, contacts, email, pictures, etc. sync for small family groups. I would like to stay with Windows Mobile for the simplicity and cost.

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