Hey Cortana, why do you exist?

Andrew G1

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Feb 11, 2017
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Flight status? Package delivery tracking? Commuting times and routes? Hell, a consistent weather experience? Cortana can't do any of it. To be fair, Google still struggles with some of these things. (Um, Google? I don't drive, so stop giving me driving navigation.) But whoever is developing Cortana has clearly given up for the consumer. It's so bad, just look at the suggested questions for Cortana: "Who dies in Star Wars?" Bing brings up stories about a Star Wars actor who passed away. Totally, utterly stupid. Whoever is worried about AI taking over the world should really calm down.


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Jan 4, 2014
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The Package delivery tracking for me works well. After entering the information, I ask Cortana using my Invoke and it give me the same information as if I went to the website. It works for USPS, and UPS so far. I have not done the flight Status yet though.

For what I do, I like it, in fact I have two Invokes in my house and use them. I am finding out different things it can weekly. I just discovered the "snooze" ability for alarms.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Recently I've struggled to understand why I'm sticking with Cortana as my go-to voice assistant. I even bought an Invoke which I use to control my Philips Hue lights. It was only several months ago Microsoft was really beating their chest about how more devices would be released with full Cortana support and since then... that GLAS device that Dan reviewed last week? I mean, Cortana fans are super thirsty at this point. And much like Apple with Siri, Microsoft seems content with letting other voice assistants take the lead. Now we hear that Alexa is coming to the Xbox, maybe even getting a dedicated app on the Windows Store, and there's even a rumor that some OEMs might use it as the default assistant for Windows 10. Well, it seems as if the writing's on the wall and that Google/Amazon has already won the fight against Microsoft/Apple.

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