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Hi I can not use used cod on my lumia 800


Retired Ambassador
Sep 26, 2014
Welcome to WindowCentral but sorry but wich COD do you mean.

COD Cash On Delivery (shipping)
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
COD Collect On Delivery
COD Call of Duty (game)
COD Compl?ment d'Objet Direct (French: Direct Object Complement; grammar)
COD Capacity On Demand
COD Catch of the Day
COD College of Dupage
COD Codex
COD College of the Desert
COD Common Origination and Disbursement (US Department of Education)
COD Cause of Death
COD Code List (File Name Extension)
COD Certificate Of Deposit
COD Cancellation of Debt
COD City of Dreams (casino; Melco Crown Entertainment; China)
COD Circle of Death
CoD Coefficient of Determination
COD Congress of Democrats (Namibia)
COD Change Of Direction (football)
COD Concise Oxford Dictionary
COD Commercial Operation Date
COD Close of Day
COD Carrier Onboard Delivery
COD Crack Opening Displacement
COD Class of Device (Bluetooth)
COD Charter of Democracy (Pakistan)
COD Content on Demand
COD Catastrophic Optical Damage (semiconductor lasers)
COD Certificate of Death
CoD Cloak of Darkness (gaming clan)
COD Coffee of the Day
COD Close Order Drill (marching)
COD Click of Death
COD Change of Destination (shipping)
COD Circle of Dust (band)
COD Canadian Oxford Dictionary
COD Curse of Doom (World of Warcraft spell)
COD Cone Dystrophy
COD Cloud of Darkness
COD Color of the Day (undercover police)
COD Certificate of Designation (FAA)
COD Crypt of Decay (Everquest gaming)
COD Combat Operations Division (USAF)
COD Cody Yellowstone Regional Airport (airport code)
COD Co-Occuring Disorder (mental health diagnosis)
COD Central Ordnance Depot (India)
COD Change of Details
COD Circle of Dependability
COD Circle of Darkness (online game)
COD Center Operations Directorate
COD Crossroads of Destiny (TV show Avatar: the Last Airbender)
COD Certificate of Disposal
COD Cooperative Opportunities Document
COD Children Of Destiny
COD Customer Order Display
COD Complex Orthogonal Design
COD Captain on Deck
COD Cardiovasculaire, Ob?sit? et Diab?te
COD Care of the Devil (AC/DC song)
COD Correction of Deficiency
COD Case of Department
COD Community Operations Division
COD Central Organization Department
COD Comit? de Orden y Disciplina (disciplinary comitee for Guatemalan jails)
COD Cerebro-Ocular Dysgenesis (muscular dystrophy)
COD Congreso de la Central Obrera Departamental (Bolivian labor organization)
COD Continuous Optical Discharge
COD Comics on Delivery (1997 movie)
COD Central Order Desk
COD Cascaded Optical Delay Line
COD Cost of Operations Division
COD Category Of Distribution
COD Cadet on Duty
COD Circles of Doom (gaming)
COD Concept of Operations Description
COD Cost of Death (insurance)
COD Curse of Dimensionality (applied mathematics)
COD Committee on Design (American Institute of Architects)
COD Carbone Organique Dissous (French: Dissolved Organic Carbon)
COD Cost of Debt (finance)
COD Conference Organizing Distribution (software; Drupal)
COD Centre Op?rationnel D?partemental (French: Departmental Operations Center)
COD Coll?ge d'Omnipratique Dentaire (French: College of General Practice Dentistry; Belgium)