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High failure rate on ending and 1 min and 2 min heart rate

David Goldwasser

New member
Feb 24, 2015
I've always had a bad track record with bike rides and exercising getting my ending, and more so my 1 and 2 minute heart rates logged. Rough guess that I don't get all of these more than 10-20% of time, despite probably having 95% of biking and exercise actives where there are no heart rate gaps during the exercise. My band is pretty snug, and I don't change the fit one way or the other right after the exercise. I've tried leaving the band with the resume/end option up, or without.

Are any other users seeing issues with this. Heart rate recovery time seem like a really good metric to have, and I'd like to remove the issue.


Trusted Member
Nov 29, 2012
yea a few of us reported the same observations.

Funny thing is that I think it's worse that before. Like I had the band for a month and the first couple weeks I was amused cause it was neat to have that information. Then I noticed it started to not get the information as much anymore.

Not sure what changed if anything.


New member
Apr 17, 2015
The same here. I also noticed that even having daily heart rate turned on, everytime I go to see the current HR the band is in "acquiring" state, then it goes in "Locked" state. Shouldn't it be always locked?
It has no problem in locking, so it doesn't seem to be a band position on the wirst issue... when runnng it locks fine...


New member
Nov 12, 2014
I think this is pretty much the stock explanation...

This is how often the Microsoft Band checks your heart rate | Windows Central

Microsoft Band heart rate sampling frequency

  • Exercise modes (Run and Workout): Heart rate records every second
  • Sleep tracking : 2 minutes on, 8 minutes off. Repeats throughout duration
  • All other times : 1 minute on, 9 minutes off, and repeating the cycle
  • Manual: You can force-check your heart rate at any time by tapping the Me Tile