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Hotmail not working on HTC One M8 Error


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May 10, 2016
Wife's phone stopped receiving her hotmail email a few weeks ago. I started looking at it today and can not get it to sync. Error code is 80070057. Even tried configuring another M8 that I had. Same exact problem. I am put the hotmail account on other devices (Samsung S6) the account sync's no problem.

I even tried going into hotmail setup and removing the phone profile and starting over. Nothing seems to work.


I wiped the phone, set it back up this time using another hotmail account as the main account. That Sync'd. Then I went back in and added my wifes hotmail account as a 2nd email account. It worked... When I went into the settings for her email account and went down to the server address (which is eas.outlook.com) below that it said "server requires ssl" and that is checked. which I don't see on the main account. I'm guessing this is why when I configure from a wipe it does not sync. There is no provision to set that main account to require SSL. Is this a bug in the windows phone software? I'm on version 8.1 update 2

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