How can I fix a lagging problem I got after I did a reset on my Lumia 535?

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got some lagging problem after reset to my lumia 535

I bought lumia 535 last month i update my lumia by latest firmware. Then some days later i reset my mobile. thn while playing games i am facing some lagging problem. when i use facebook app i face this problem. and my apps is not move to sd card. i reset 3 times bt no effect. i think this is manufactural problem. please help me how can i get rid of this lagging problem.


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Sep 26, 2014
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Re: got some lagging problem after reset to my lumia 535

You ask a kind of difficult question.
Lagging can happen if your OS is "not" stable. And a hard reset can solve this.
Lag during facebook can happen due to a slow internet connection.
Lag during a game can/will happen if you play a "big" game and the hardware of your phone has not enough power to handle it.
Furthermore the game could be not optimised or you use a slow SD card.
Furthermore you can have lag if you install like screen locker.

So it is not likely that it is a hardware issue.

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