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How can I fix errors 805a8011 and 801822cb on Lumia 520?

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I have been having this problem for months now. The first error pops up when accessing the Store to download apps or update them, it won't even open up but it will give that error saying to try later. I have had space issues for some time but now I have over 2GB of internal free space, and this problem still exists. I have thought about updating my phone's OS (there are updates available) in order to fix this - the problem is, another error, in this case 801822cb, pops up when trying to update it. When checking for updates it will find one and start to download it, but at 3% it gives the error which is completely unjustified as I do have a good connection that could really download the update. Having seen this, I have thought and read that maybe removing my Nokia account from the phone and adding it again would help fixing it, but when checking the Nokia account, I see that it's like not logged in as it asks me for the password again, and when I write it and confirm, it says there's a network problem (so can't "log in" again in, just delete it - and I'm not sure what other data I'll be deleting from my phone if I remove this account).

I am completely stuck with my phone quite useless right now, so any help will be appreciated. I have tried turning off and on the phone, soft reset, but I wouldn't like to hard reset it nor lose any data...

Thanks and regards.

Houssin Karim

New member
May 17, 2015
Re: Errors 805a8011 and 801822cb on Lumia 520

I have some problem with this
Please i can't rest m'y phone
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