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How can I recover missing emails?


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Missing Emails

I have had a Nokia Lumia 820 for about 18 months and part way through last year I noticed that not all the emails I was receiving are being received on my mobile. This seems to occur when I am not on wifi and relying on the mobile network. At weekends I am out and about in areas of differing signal type and strength. During this time I do sometimes receive emails but when I return home I find that when I look on my tablet there are a few extra emails that have not come through to my mobile and never do. The weekend before last there was 12 missing emails over the whole weekend. I deleted the email account from the mobile and then set it back up again and they then came in. This weekend I did a trial between my Lumia 820 and a Cat smartphone which works on Android. Both mobiles being on the same network and set to 3G. By the end of the weekend 2 emails were missing from the Lumia but were present on the Android and tablet. The Lumia is running on Windows 8.1 Denim. The email account is set up as exchange. Most people I have asked are at a loss to suggest a solution.

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