How can I retrieve my Windows.old files when they seem to have bee erased after I upgraded to Win10

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Hi a few months ago I reinstalled my OS to Windows 7 Home then upgraded to Windows 7 Pro in which during that process a Windows.old folder was creaed that had all my files. Then a couple months later I decided to talk the big step and upgrade to Windows 10. Knowing that another Windows.old folder would also be created I renamed my Windows.old folder to Window.old (1). After I did the upgrade to Windows 10 I saw my Windows.old and Windws.old (1) folders but there was nothing in either folder. Where did they go? Are they hidden? I checked that and the setting for the folders were set to show hidden files. Was I supposed to login with my previous local account? The upgrade had me sign in with my MS account. I created a local login but that did not work.

I did notice that the default locations for my Documents", Music, and Video Quick access links onthe left panel were directed to a local folder which was C:\Users\TEMP.Dennis-HP.011\Documents In fact in the users folder I had 12 folders TEMP.DENNIS-HP to TEMP.DENNIS-HP .011 with the first 9 folders ranging in size from 0kp to 5Mb and the folder .10 was 30Gb and .011 was 2Gb. My Windows. old files had more than 100Gb in them so I'm wondering if these files have access to this data. After enabling to show hidden content I see an AppData folder in each file and it look like maybe these files and folders are connected with the Windows 10 installation. Can anyone please help? Windows 10 did not even notify that it would delete any older files within these folders after 28 days I did not see anything right after I installed it. Please help as I'm not an IT guy and it would take forever to search through net for this answer.

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