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How can I stop getting the volume warning on my Nokia Lumia?

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I won't stop getting the volume warning on my Nokia Lumia

When I bought my Nokia Lumia 635, I was able to get rid of the volume warning from the beginning. There was one time that I reset my Lumia, and the volume warning still didn't show up. However, starting in May, I got this volume warning again. I tried tapping OK, like before, but after some time, it came back when I reset it for a second time! I tried to not restart my Lumia, and didn't run out of charge, so I was able to keep it on. After that, however, I still got it! How do you prevent it from appearing again? It's so annoying to have to get this volume warning again and again!


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Apr 27, 2011
Re: I won't stop getting the volume warning on my Nokia Lumia

It's going to keep coming back. There's no way to permanently dismiss it. I don't know what the time range is when it pops up, but it will continue. I haven't used Windows 10 for mobile technical preview, so I'm hoping they've provided a way to dismiss it permanently there.