How can keep my screen steady while using the keyboard AND Stylus?


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Oct 23, 2017
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Aside from 3D performance, the main reason I got the Surface book with performance update was the ability to use the keyboard for easy shortcuts while drawing on the screen with the pen AND using touch gestures. The trouble is that working this way, you notice how wobbly the screen is to work on.

"But who cares if the screen is a little wobbly?" Is a question usually asked by people who don't use a keyboard while painting on the surface book.

-You cannot draw with precision because the screen is moving a little as you draw
-You should be able to wrest your drawing hand palm whilst drawing to prevent long terms strain, but doing so reduces the hinge life. So you have to hold the screen with the other hand to keep in stable, when it should be on the keyboard, ready for hotkeys.

"So why not just fold the tablet up and just deal with the screen"

-Distracts from the art making process by having to paradigm shift your usual keyboard and tablet based illustration workflow.
-Less screen real estate and choice of software, as onscreen buttons are essential for productive illustration work without a keyboard.
-Folding the tablet up causes the laptop to overheat more easily with more GPU intensive drawing programs and larger documents.
-Defeats the purpose of having bought a laptop which boasts a keyboard
-Switch back to a keyboard intensive software and you have to close all GPU based software, detach and then re-attach distracting from the creative process and sometimes blue screening your surface book.

"It's not that bad, try getting used to it" Concept art is not easy. The best plan is to have everything set in your favour so you're more likely to succeed. Look at the average 'Gimp' illustrator, now look at the average Photoshop illustrator, and I rest my case.

So with that said, Any idea how I can have a steady screen? is there a good kickstand case for the surface book with performance base?

Anyone want to share their way of working?

Warm regards,

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Jul 29, 2014
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That's real problem. My own solution is using a remote app on my phone to act as shortcut button while using tablet mode. And disable dgpu for less heat . I know this disable many features on SB, but .... Maybe all-in-one's shortage: it can do all, but not so well as professional devices.
I really miss the kickstand on Surface Pro which is more stable .


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Dec 22, 2016
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Not a surface book owner, but a surface pro owner and I've had a wacom tablet for about a decade now.

When I got my Surface I could never adapt to drawing on the screen while using the connected keyboard below the screen, my preferred method of getting work done is to detach the keyboard and use a Bluetooth keyboard next to my Surface.


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Feb 25, 2012
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i used Bluetooth Microsoft Wedge keyboard with the first Surface Pro. It's hinge had only one fixed almost vertical position and Wedge keyboard has a folding rubberized cover which duplicates as a tablet stand. When i switched to Surface Pro 4 i used just the keyboard. Now with the Surface Book i don't use keyboard, because (as mentioned) Surface Book overheats in attached tablet position. So i just use the cover-stand from the old Wedge keyboard behind the Surface Book's screen - it's firm like hell - no vibration at all

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