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How can you filter Contact information after linking accounts?


New member
Aug 26, 2014
So know that the people hub is my local phone book (since the phonebook now automatically imports all facebook contacts, how can I get it to show the correct information?

Here is an example.

I'm running my Outlook as my main contacts in the People Hub. So I add Contact A to People Hub under Outlook with only the phone number. Now when I tap on the contact info and the link account icon, I see I have contact A in lets say, Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. As soon as I link all this accounts, the card become a mess. Remember my people hub is filtered to only display contacts from my Outlook.

This doesn't matter anymore. Suddenly the system decides what information to display. If the numbers match on Facebook or Skype, it decides to only show the phone number with plus sign and country code. It does not matter that I do not have the country code included in the outlook information that I added. This causes my phone to dial with the country code, even though it is a local number and is saved as such on my outlook contact card. This causes my local company to charge me as an international call even though it is local call

Is there a way to filter contact info once you link accounts? Even by saving the number several times the contact card will only display the mobile from Skype and/or Facebook if they match and disregard the one you save on outlook.

I like the feature since it refreshes any changes the person makes to their accounts, but it is useless if you cant filter what to show and what not to.