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How do I activate my office 365 subscription on Windows Surface 3?


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How do I activate my office 365 subscription on windows surface 3?

Everything says that I just need to click on the windows office shortcut/app and follows on from there but that app does not show on all apps, I only have one entitled 'get office' which doesn't do anything but give me a link to the office website


New member
Dec 30, 2014
You follow that link and you get an option to activate your 1-year Personal membership.


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Oct 6, 2011
Which link are you referring to? The one under the "All apps" that says "Get Office" or the one pinned to the start menu labeled "Microsoft Office". The one pinned to the start will not allow me to use my existing account to add to my subscription or use the one year included in any way shape or form. The Get Office link takes me to a Try Office 365 one month trial.