How do I change the ussd tone after the call gets over I have Denim 8.1?

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how to change the ussd tone after the call gets over i have denim 8.1

When the call gets over or if ussd codes are used there is a notification sound I can't seem to change that tone can anyone please help

Dileep Kadavarath

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Sep 12, 2013
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Re: how to change the ussd tone after the call gets over i have denim 8.1

USSD messages are controlled by the carrier. Not the tone. If that was so, every phone on the same carrier regardless of OS and OEM should sound the same. I tried changing the tone a lot. Impossible. I hate the default message tone of W10M and its ridiculous that i can't change it. Most androids and old Nokias had the option to turn service replies off completely.


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Nov 12, 2012
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If the tone differs from what you have set, then there must be some coding in the USSD that does this? I.E. tone = system default

Or the ability to configure tone must be absent in the software and the phone sets it to some perceived default....

Few USSD codes operate on my carrier (Cricket), those that do actually give me no tone and those that fail give me the tone I have set for SMS notification.

Oddly, if I set a tone (Windows Message) for my SMS and then text myself I get a different tone (default) than I would get if a 3rd party sent me a text.

So maybe it is better to say that the USSD goes to Default if there is no other instruction? And our software lacks the ability to instruct what tone USSD should use...

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