How do I get my Nokia Lumia 625 to turn on?

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How to get my Nokia Lumia 625 to turn on

My Nokia Lumia 625 suddenly died on the bus today and it hasn't turned on since. I've tried all manner of resets. It doesn't vibrate at all or have any signs of life whatsoever. It's especially odd because I'm sure it was charged when it shut off. Plugging it in to my computer via USB does nothing; it's not recognized as a device. I have it plugged into a wall socket right now and it's been there for half an hour with no signs of life yet. What can I do?

Teo Bartulovic

New member
Mar 2, 2015
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Re: How to get my Nokia Lumia 625 to turn on

Well, first of all, you should try to fix it either with Windows device recovery tool or Nokia software updater for retail...

And don't forget to keep us informed about result :)

L Reilly

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Oct 2, 2015
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Re: How to get my Nokia Lumia 625 to turn on

Hey, original poster here.

I've tried both tools and neither works, the phone isn't detected as a device by my computer. I know it's not the cable I'm using or the usb port causing this, as I'm using the factory cable in a functioning usb port and it detects other devices (such as my tablet), it just doesn't detect my phone.

Also, holding volume down+power doesn't cause the phone to vibrate, I've held them both for over 60 seconds without anything happening

Please help :unhappy:

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