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How do I hide the caller id (widget or shortcut)?

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hide caller id (widget or shortcut)

Hello, I'm new to windows phone, I have it by less than a week and its really cool! A very user friendly phone :)

I need something like a "switch on/off widget" to hide the caller ID or just a short cut to the menu inside the phone

actually I have to:
- On the Start screen, tap on the Phone app tile
- Tap on the More [...] button.
- Tap on settings.
- Tap inside the box under Show my caller ID to. (additional step: I have a dual sim so i first have also to select which sim)
- Tap on everyone or no-one as needed for who I want to show my caller ID.
- When finished the call, i have to do it again to restore this setting.

I don't know if windows phone have widgets meant as ones that there are in android. Please do not misunderstand me, i don't want to make comparisons with my old phone, it's just to explain. this feature is really indispensable to me, it will be great if i can have something likes: in the start screen the icon of the app to "hide caller id" when tapped will change from green to red (you surely can imagine the result).

is there a way to do something similar in windows phone or in another easy way? thanks.


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