How do I save a One Note file on the Surface Pro 3?

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How to save and a One Note file on the Surface Pro 3

I am probably missing something obvious, but have looked on many forums and online video tutorials and just don't seem to have the same options on my screen as they suggest. I only have the pages listed down the left, and a few round buttons down the bottom (e.g. full screen etc).

I have tried to 'share' as email on the 'charm' options but that just says there is an error sending. One attempt did send an email, but I only received an attachment of one piece of highlighting!!

I know I am looking for 'export' as opposed to Save As but can't seem to see that menu anywhere. Is there a way to bring up a 'desktop' rather than 'App' option from the tiles screen that might do it? I cannot find how to make the 'start' button (bottom left) to have the original windows start menu (rather than take me back to the tiles screen!).
So basically:
1) How to save a one note page to be able to email it (without the recipient needing to view it online)
2) How to be able to open programs from the Windows Start icon when in desktop mode
Either/both of those would be great!!


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Jul 6, 2014
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1 Select the page and click print page and then print to a pdf printer.(you get it as a pdf file which you can mail him)
2 Click start icon and then you will goto the tablet mode then there will be a down arrow on the left bottom corner (now you can access the installed apps)


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Nov 14, 2008
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Sounds like you're using the Modern version of OneNote.
​Install "OneNote 2013" from the Store for the more-familiar option with the menus etc where you expect them to be.

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