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How do you make a backup of your nokia 2520?


New member
Jan 14, 2014
When I buy a laptop the first thing I do before turning it on is image the hard drive and or replace it with an upgraded drive and preform a fresh install then keep the orig in a safe place.

on the surface tablets running RT you can create a backup to a usb flash drive and then and when the 8.1 upgrade came out the tablets where bricked untill microsoft put out a restore image. just for safteys sake I would like to be able to have a way of having a backup incase say the memory on it gets corrupt and the update and restore option does not work.

if worse comes to worse could you restore a 2520 with the rt restore image microsoft put out minus having the nokia apps? I relize the usb port would be a small problem but with the right cables I still dont see a way from the tablet to make a backup

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