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How much RAM and Processor do I need for work enviroment?


New member
Nov 19, 2017
Hello, I need your help guys.

I am trying to know how much RAM and processor do I need for a desktop with the following apps:

- Windows 10 Professional.
- Microsoft Office suite
- Sharepoint
- Dropbox
- Filemaker
- Project
- One Drive
- Google Drive
- Accounting software
- And others.

I have computers with 4GB of RAM and i3 processor. I am planning to buy news computers but I would like to know how can I calculate how much RAM and processor do I need in base of the apps that I use.

Any idea?



Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
I would start with how the current computers perform.

If I were outfitting a fleet of PCs with cost being a big constraint, 4 GB may be sufficient for most of those. However, there's a lot of different between performing those tasks one-at-a-time or all at once. So if these PCs are going to need to handle a lot of tasks at once and your current loadouts aren't performing than I'd bump up to 8 minimum.

As for a processor, I think you'd be surprised at what you can get away with unless your work is based a lot on raw number crunching. I would sooner think about outfitting your PCs with SSDs which have made older PCs fly. (as long as the processor isn't really low-end, like below the i-series.

samuele dassatti

New member
Nov 18, 2017
A 7th/8th gen i3 or i5 (or even a Ryzen 3 or 5 if you're into AMD) with 8gb of DDR4 RAM and a SATA SSD should be good enough