How often do Twitter contact live tiles update?


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Aug 15, 2011
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I've just started using Twitter and Facebook live tiles after the Mango update (even though I really hate social networking sites and such) because with Twitter I can get updates from blogs' front pages without having to go to the browser (saving tons of battery life).

My question is, how often are these Live Tiles refreshed to display new content? For example, I'll go to my WPCentral Twitter contact and look at the "What's New" section and it will have a new article from the front page of the blog, whereas my Live Tile is still displaying an old article and doesn't display anything new for a while. I thought this was like a push service, where when new articles are posted you can then get an instant Live Tile update from the new article?

I must say, however, even with all these accounts sync'd and Live Tiles running, the battery life is amazing on my Arrive running Official Mango. I haven't seen the percent drop 1%, and I have been constantly going to the "What's New" sections of various Twitter contacts and updating without seeing the percentage drop even 1%. What's Microsoft is using as the service is a real battery saver.

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