How t log in the office 365 with just the product key (Forgot the email that i used)?

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So I bought office 365 along with my laptop months ago and the costurmer service person helped me in signing in my product key alog with the email that I used. So recently, I had to get my laptop fixed, they had to re install the OS bc some apps were missing. So I told the repair ersn to just do it, no problem with the account because I just have the product key at home. But the the moment I entered my product key, t says that it's already been used, and so it gave me a choice to sign in with the email that I used with the product key. YES, I forgot what Email I used, BUT.. I nly have two emails, so im sure I used either of them, but when I typed both emails, the system kept saying that they didn't have the email registered there! HEEEEEELP I thoguht there won't be any problem since I have the product key. How should I sign in without the emaiiil. And I really need to use it now Heelep


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Jan 27, 2014
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I might be confused, but shouldn't you be able to log in first and then enter a product code?

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