How to Autobackup photos/video to G+


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Nov 12, 2012
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I have a Lumia 1020 and love taking photos with it and I love using G+. Using G+ on the web apps on WP8 isn't too shabby but I hated getting pictures and videos to it because it'd mean I'd have to plug in my phone to my pc and upload the photos to G+ from there. Well, that is no longer the case!!

Google released the new version of Picasa today which is the Program for Mac/Windows that allows you to manage your G+ photos on the computer. One of the biggest features they added today way autouploading photos on your PC to G+. WP8 already autouploads to skydrive so I pointed the picasa autoupload folder to my skydrive folder on my PC and it works FLAWLESSLY!!

If you want to do this you just need a few things.
1. Install Picasa on your PC/MAC
2. Install Skydrive on your PC/MAC
3. Point the Picasa Autobackup folder to your Skydrive photos folder on computer
4. Um...there is no four. That's it!

So you'll take a photo, it'll auto back up to Skydrive, which then syncs with your PC. Picasa then grabs the photos as they are downloaded to your PC and uploads them to G+!

BAM! And it takes no input from you have you have the three steps above set up!

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