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How to fix Windows 10 Mobile? - Photo dates are wrong!

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I had a lot of issues with W10 Mobile on my Lumia 1520. I did the hard reset as recommended. Everything is working a lot better, aside from having to reinstall all my apps. One major issue I am having is that all my photos are showing up in the wrong month and year. Example: Today I have taken no photos but under the August 24th date I have over 25 photos. All these photos are ones I took last year but are now marked for today. I think what is happening is Onedrive is adding these photos to my phone which changes the Date Modified date. This problem created a huge mess of my albums. All the photos I took since the reset are correct. All my other phones ive taken over 3 years are now scattered across 2015, some 2014, and some 2013. Has anyone else come across this issue and found a solution?