how to format my sd card?

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My Lumia 640XL showed a message that my sd card(32gb) is not accepting data. So I connected my sd card to my laptop (Win.10) then by right click tried to format but a message came up that windows couldn't complete the format, I then selectedall the folders in ye sd card and pressed shift+delete, everything was deleted, then I pressed the refresh button and everything came back again. Then I went to disk management from there selected my sd card and tried formatting it but that too showed the same message that windows could not complete the process. Then I went on to try thr command prompt but was of no use it showed the message some error and when trying to create partition after cleaning the disk tge message came that time out could not complete the process try again. Please help me, tell me some way that I can fix my sd card or atleast format it, because all the data is accessible via phone when I insert it back except for my apps which were stored in my sd card, I can play music, video, see pics but unable to use my sd card anymore for storing or removing any data as per my wish. So please please HELP ME...


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Jan 12, 2013
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Welcome to Windows Central.

Looks like your SD Card has started to fail and, as a security measure, has been automatically write-protected. This allows you to copy your files FROM your SD Card and transfer it somewhere before the card fails completely.

You will need to buy a new SD Card and transfer the content (files) from your old SD Card to the new one. App data, however, although they can also be copied, will not work.

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