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How to get cursor while typing in Windows Phone 8.1 dev preview?

yaro da yaar

Jul 8, 2013
Some peoples are complaining that the new method to get the cursor is very annoying.

You have to tap on space between words to get the cursor, and most of the time you end up selecting a word.

But guys/gals, I got a solution for you. You don't need to tap between words now, there is also a different technique.

You have to tap on a word to select it. And by again tapping on that selected word, you will get the cursor in the start/end of that word.

When tapping second time, if you tap on the right part from the centre of selected word, you will get cursor at end of that word and if you tap on the left part from the centre of selected word, you will get cursor at start of that word.

For moving that cursor, you can hold that small bubble or you can also hold the full cursor and then move the cursor along the text and drop it, where you want.

I hope this post would help most of the users.


Mar 24, 2014
I don't know why you people don't try it the SAME WAY as it worked before:
Tap somewhere and hold it for a second, and you got the cursor ans you can move it. It is EXACTLY the same as in WP 8!!!
And you don't have to hover directly over the words, you can move the finger wherever you want.
Really....its working the same as before but everybody complains. Where is my water....where is my BRAIN?

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