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How to post a Panorama from Lumia Camera as an interactive Facebook 360 photo?

Rangan Das

New member
May 1, 2014
I recently saw this post by Coldplay on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/coldplay/photos/a.10150274960980253.534856.15253175252/10157409072455253/?type=3&theater ) and thought that why we can't we upload simple panorama shots like this on Facebook? It seems that it horizontally stretches around 200 degrees and about 60 degrees vertically.

I looked up multiple articles and found this - http://thehightechhobbyist.com/tutorial-how-to-create-interactive-aerial-360-degree-panoramas-for-facebook/

So I edited the EXIF as instructed. However, even though Facebook detects it as a panorama image while I upload (shows the globe icon momentarily as I upload), the image shows up as a flat image once I post it.

Anyone made those interactive 360 photos?