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Here is how to post Windows Camera panorama to Facebook!


New member
Nov 4, 2013
If you have been shooting panorama with your Windows Camera app on your Lumia's, you will notice that none of those photos can be uploaded to Facebook as a 360 photos. The reason is Windows camera doesn't embed the right EXIF metadata for it to work properly. After some research, I found this handy and free tool called Exif fixer hereExif Fixer - a tool for the 360 Facebook and Google communities

1. Install this small tool on your desktop.
2. Add your panorama jpeg.
3. Choose Equirectangular. You can also try the other kind.
4. Add metadata to the photo.
5. Upload the new generated panorama jpeg to your Facebook in the browser. You should see 360 Photo activated in the upload field. That's it!

Facebook app on PC and Windows mobile doesn't support 360 photo. PC app however can view it. Good luck!