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How to remove password at log-in?

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How to remove password at log-in


I've upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there are two user accounts. My account requires me to use my password to sign-in, but my wife can just hit the "sign-in" button to log-in.

How can I remove my password? I've set the "Require Sign-in" option to "Never" and I've also done the "netplwiz" solution and unchecked "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer".

When the PC boots up, it automatically logs me in, which I don't want, because then my wife has to switch the user. Also, if she then logs out and I log-in it still asks me for my password.

It's driving me mad! Why can't I just do what I did in Windows 7 and just log-in without a password?


New member
Mar 1, 2015
Re: How to remove password at log-in

I basically have the same, although I don;t use a second account on my Surface Pro 3. But still, I used the netplwiz solution to skip the password at startup and set the require sign in to never. Now, when I boot Surface Pro 3, it wont ask for a password but after I wake it from sleep, is sometimes does. Not all the time though. Anyone any ideas how to solve this?