How to shoot macro photos using Lumia Camera with the correct lightning

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Jun 1, 2015
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Sorry my english. I will try to explain as best I can.

When I use manual focus in Lumia Camera, the lightning doesn't adjust.


But I discovered a trick!

1. Tap the arrow ^ to get in to Professional mode.

2. Before you set the manual focus, set the ISO to 100 (100 it's a good value for various situations) and tap on the screen in the object you want to photograph. The lightning will adjust.


So, Lumia Camera will show the correct shutter speed. In this case it's 1/39.

3. Reset the settings by tapping the arrow ^. It will set to Automatic mode, tap again to set Professional mode.

4. Set the manual focus. The macro mode is the letter m. Drag the slider to adjust the best focus.


5. Change ISO to 100 and change the shutter speed to the closest number that Lumia Camera gave to you. In this case is 1/39, so I set the shutter speed to 1/40.

6. Press the camera button to photograph!


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Jan 12, 2013
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I believe "m" stands for "manual focus", not "macro mode", since you can manually focus from infinity to the minimum focusing distance. You can also set the eV manually to correct the exposure level of Lumia Camera, but that's just another way of controlling the ISO-shutter speed relationship - fixing the ISO value while changing the eV would change the shutter speed, while fixing the shutter speed (useful for action shots) while changing the eV would change the ISO value. There are times, however, the changing the eV won't change the exposure level at all, e.g. at very dark conditions, so manually setting the ISO value and shutter speed would work under those conditions. :smile:

ISO 100 is great for creating photos with the least possible amount of noise since the information from the sensor be subjected to the least amount of signal amplification - less signal amplification, less noise. But, because of that, certain scenes without sufficient light would require longer shutter speeds - something which may require either very stable hands or a tripod.

What phone were you using?

The above photo was a pseudo-macro shot, "pseudo" because the definition of a macro shot is a shot taken at an extremely close distance (single-digit centimeters) from the object. None of the Lumia phones can take photos at that distance, but for Lumias that have high resolution sensors, Resizing the image such that it would be enlarged, combined with the shallow depth of field caused by the large aperture size in mose Lumias, creates the illusion or effect similar to a macro shot. So, they may not be real macro shots, but one can make them look like one.
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Nov 12, 2012
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hey guys m using lumia 640xl...i wanna take cool pics at low light(probably outdoors night) suggest me camera settings i must use

The most common tip I've seen for low light is to force ISO 100...

Maybe use some easy registry hacks to broaden the capability of your camera:]-enable-dng-capture-your-lumia-phone.html

DNG would open greater post shot editing ability and you could also increase exposure times (second thread) which would help gather more light... Needs a tripod really to combat blur.

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