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How to use NFC tag with multiple NDEF messages?

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Hello! Can we use an NFC tag which contains multiple NDEF messages? If it can be used, then which app is to be used in windows phone store to write multiple commands, I've tried almost all NFC apps in windows store but dint find any app which can write multiple commands. I've heard that there is an app from nokia(Nokia NFC Writer) for NFC which supports writing multiple NDEF messages to a single tag, but I dont find it in the app store. Where to download Nokia NFC Writer?


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Aug 26, 2014
Windows Phone does not support reading multiple tags. Therefore, if you were able to write multiple tags they would be of little or no use.

NFC has nominally been improved with Windows 10 Mobile, and it is my hope that it will continue to do so to the point to handle multiple tags.

There is a program that writes one tag, but the tag opens that program. The program has a feature to assign a "profile" to a tag ID, which will allow you to launch that NFC app with that profile associated with it. The app will then perform all the actions, in order, on that profile, which you can define.

However, I found that app to be very limited with the actions it supports, and unless you wanted to do things in the order that the author thinks you should do them in, you can't do it. I was unhappy enough with that paid app, that I'm afraid I'm not going to even mention the name here, as I don't care to give it that much credit. You can search for NFC app with Profiles and find it yourself if you like.

Hopefully Windows 10 will add enough functionality for NFC to make it a pleasure to use with the OS. At least I can finally read an NFC tag without having to turn on the screen and unlock it (in Windows 10 Mobile). Screen off, it reads the tags now. Finally.