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Wasim Wes Adetunji

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Dec 23, 2014
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It turns out that (Microsoft loses ~12 cents on every phone sold). Developers can?t be blamed for avoiding Windows phone when the costs outweigh any benefit. We?re aligning our hopes on Windows 10, but let?s consider for a moment if Windows phone were to completely displace Android: [iOS still soaks up most of the profits despite selling four times fewer phones](Android conquers marketshare, Apple conquers profits: ). [Most developers are below the ?app poverty line? even on Android and iPhone](, so what hope could there possibly be for Windows developers?
Here?s my question: Presuming Microsoft gets it?s act together, wows us all with new features and apps, which of the following would you approve of so that hard working developers earn fair compensation for their work? (Obviously this is a moot point if market share stays the way it is.)

[Poll]( - Helping Windows developers monetize)

1) *Subscription to app store - flat or tiered monthly fee for access to entire app store*

2) Complete Surveys/Interactive Promotions (i.e. Tapjoy)

3) Youtube-style 15 second video ads

4) "Donate" button in the app store for specific developers

5) Answer marketing surveys to allow targeted Bing ads

6) Connect crowdfunding to Uservoice requests: pledge toward new apps as well as new features

7) Leave things the way they are.

8) Allow in-app payments to be recurring monthly or annually.

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