HTC Arrive disassembled!


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Jun 13, 2011
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Ah.. you don't really know someone until you've seen them naked. This applies to the Arrive as well!

Long story short -- goofed up an invisible shield install and moisture got under the screen and shorted the touch screen capacitor. Weird considering I've done so many of those invisible shield installs on other devices... anyway, I bought the phone used on ebay so I didn't have the warranty or the Sprint insurance. I took it apart to try to fix it but it needs parts replaced. I ordered a phone that was new but had a bad ESN (about $150 bucks, ugh) with the intent to swap the screen half with my broken one, thus making a like-new phone.

I figured my misfortune can help others.. I should be getting the new phone next week so I can do the surgery. I'll post pictures of the guts, but in the meantime I'll tell you what I found today --

--There are a TON of tiny screws. I'd say about two dozen when I took it all apart. The big screw on the back of the phone is a real screw in case you were wondering.

--The internal memory card is literally a SanDisk microSD that says "16GB" inserted into a slot that's hidden in the chasis. All that stops someone from switching it out is taking the back two layers off.

--I strongly recommend that if you ever have issues with the LCD/capacitor, to just use the insurance (if you have it), the warranty, then if all else fails get a used Arrive or bad ESN Arrive and use the slide out half as a swap-out. I'll do a walkthrough of this surgery later this week as this is exactly what I am doing.

--There are about four moisture indicators hidden throughout the phone. One in each layer of the chasis.

Until I do the surgery, feel free to ask questions!
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Mar 20, 2011
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Yes, very interested in seeing the pictures. Good luck with the repair - I figure you're lucky to of gotten that Arrive for $150 with bad ESN - I can't imagine there are many of those floating around already.

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