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I cannot record using a microphone on audacity

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Good afternoon,

I use Audacity which is a digital audio workstation. I cannot record anything with my microphone, however I can import music files onto the program. This tells me that there is a problem with the micophone set up.

Computer being used Dell XPS
operating system Windows 10
product being used Audacity 2.1.0

Steps used I have checked all the input levels in the control> audio section and they are all up. I have checked in the same section to make certain the mic is being recognized. I have checked control>sound> input and there is no other option except for line in. There is not a drop down menu to select a microphone. I have gone to the same area to test microphone and have no problems. I have gone to the same area and clicked on device properties as well and all seems to be in order.

I purchased this computer a month ago and am not aware of any updates to the OS or anything pertaining to anything else. I could and probably am wrong since when I recieved this computer there was NO other instructions except how to set it up, and when booting up the computer there were no notifications about an update.

I have contacted Dell and customer service is what you would expect. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated and very well recieved.

Thank you.