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I have an Apple iPad 1 can I download free Ames through the wifi???

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Is it possible to download free games to an Apple iPad through wifi??


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Nov 12, 2012
Sure and why not?

This is a forum for all things Windows. If you need in-depth help with an iPad, try our iOS expert friends at iMore: Ask Anything - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.com

If you are indeed having problems getting downloads, provide them with more specifics than you have given here. I.E.: exact device model, OS version, WiFi router model, etc. Be ready for follow up questions. That means having to join the site so that you can reply in the thread you start.

Also, when and if you join: your Mobile Nations Passport you create on sign up gets you into all our sites. Handy sources of news, information, help from users and community fun at Windows Central, Crackberry (Blackberry Forums), iMore, Android Central and Connectedly (smart wearables, smart auto and smart home)...
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