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I Loved Windows 10 But I Went Back to Windows 7 Home Premium--and I'm sad.


New member
May 5, 2014
I downloaded Windows 10 just after midnight on July 29. I was excited to get Windows 10--but I ran into too many problems.

Things just didn't work properly. I couldn't access the store or the Apps that came with Windows 10. I finally got Cortana working (she forced me to change my password to my Microsoft account). OK, at least she's with me now.

I had incredible problems with searches on the internet with Edge. I brought up IE and still had the same search problems. To top it off, the Feedback channel didn't work. I felt like I was on a desert island; alone and frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, I loved what I saw in Windows 10. It is a clear improvement over everything we've used--when it works.

I bought a new wireless router and still got error messages. Windows 10 seemed to be screwing up my entire home network.

Oh, I discovered that my Brother Printer will not have Windows 10 friendly software until November. I admit I never thought of it, but I never saw anyone mention it. Since I was the one to set the printer up on the network, it was continuously offline-- it knocked it out for everyone!

I discovered that I could go back to Windows 7 Home Premium if I did it within 30 days of downloading Windows 10--so I did it. I had to reinstall the Printer but now everything on my computer and on my home network is working fine.

I think Microsoft could be a bit more transparent. They have millions of users. What would it hurt to send us all a global email, tell us the specific problems they are working on and when it will be safe to try Windows 10 again.

I want Windows 10--I just don't want all of the problems.


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
There are still some problems with Windows 10 that will keep me from upgrading my wife's laptop. I'm loving Windows 10 on mine, but they are problems I can live with and I love testing new software that isn't ready yet. For someone that just needs everything to work, there will be too many aggravations still.

From what I understand, there will be another large update in October. Not positive of that, as it is just a rumor I've heard. However, I plan on waiting until December or January to upgrade other PCs for my family.

Microsoft did decide to release Windows 10, but I honestly think they should have waited a bit longer. Problem is, so many people were complaining about having to wait, and Microsoft was dying a little bit every day that Windows 8/8.1 was still on the market.

I think Windows 10 SP2 is going to be an awesome product. ;)

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